We fully appreciate the necessity to provide a safe environment for exercise. Below we detail the procedures, protocols and processes that we have in place to keep you safe.​

We have taken on board the Government and BCP guidelines and the advice of Health and Safety experts to provide what we consider to be the safest possible environment.


Client Procedures

Do not attend if you feel unwell or have any of the symptoms (fever, cough, loss of

smell and taste etc) of coronavirus. If possible please take your temperature and if it is elevated please do not attend.

Use the hand sanitizers that are provided at the start and finish of each session and during if required.

  • Water is not available at the Studio, please bring your own.

  • Head cushions will not be provided, please bring your own or a towel for folding.

  • Bring your own mat preferred – sanitized mats will be provided.

  • Bring a bag to store your shoes, handbag and outerwear during the session.

  • Please arrive dressed in your exercise gear.

The Studio will be laid out to ensure social distancing with ingress and egress procedures to ensure this is also socially distanced. Thus it is the clients choice to wear a mask. Should you decide to wear a mask please bring your own. It may be beneficial to have a trial at home carrying out exercises with the mask in place.

There is a one-way system in use:


Safety Measures

ndp one way.JPG

Enter via the Pre-class Shoe Change door remove shoes and outerwear place in a bag and use the hand sanitizer provided. Enter the studio – fill the furthest place available and store bag safely away from other clients. Only enter the Pre-class Shoe Change if safe social distancing can be maintained. Whilst waiting to enter please practice safe social distancing. Nitrile gloves are provided for clients for those who wish to use them.

At the end of the session the 3 clients nearest to the studio double doors to leave first. Take your bag with you and change into shoes and outerwear in the new covered area. Use the hand sanitizer provided. It will be a one-out one-in after this.

Please keep usage of the Toilet to a minimum. If used please ensure the toilet lid is closed before flushing. Then wipe down the surfaces you have touched with the anti-viral wipes provided, use this to open the door, dispose of the wipe in the waste bag outside and then use the hand sanitizer.

Food should not be consumed in studios.

Should you develop symptoms within 7 days after the class please call Marcia - 07789 003284.


We will use this information to inform the NHS Test and Trace.


Our Procedures

Our Health

We will monitor our health and if displaying any symptoms (fever, cough, loss of

smell and taste etc) we will not teach. We will test our own temperature daily. If in

doubt, we will not teach.

We will use antiviral hand sanitiser before and after each session.

We will be wearing masks.


Tactile Cueing

Tactile cueing (touching) is not possible until further notice.


Cleansing procedures

We have obtained a supply of  Super Professional Antiviral Disinfectant V2. This is:

  • Independently tested February 2020 to European Standard BS EN 14476

  • Effective according to BS EN 14476 against enveloped viruses which includes coronaviruses.

This is proven in killing viruses but safe for your skin. 

We will be using this cleanser along with Dettol anti-viral wipes. The studio floor and mats that have been used will be thoroughly mopped down with the V2 Antiviral Disinfectant. The mop (Flash Power Mop) has absorbent pads that are disposable – a new pad will be used for each session.

All other surfaces that have been touched (door handles etc.) will be wiped with the Dettol Antiviral Wipes. The cleaning will be carried out after each session – nitrile gloves will be worn and disposed of safely.

There will be at least three hand sanitizing stations and plenty of packs of the Dettol wipes for client usage along with 3 waste bags complete with stands.

The doors will be propped open during sessions to increase ventilation.


The procedures above are in accordance with Government and BCP guidelines – they may be subject to change if these guidelines change.

The Covid 19 Risk Assessment is available here.